For over 10 years ATG has provided engineering services in the automotive, commercial and off-road vehicle markets. This includes complete vehicle engineering for concept cars, pre-production vehicles, low volume super cars and race cars. We manage the entire engineering process from initial concept with design and feasibility studies, through styling and engineering, body and chassis design and manufacturing planning. Our team has extensive production and manufacturing experience, allowing us to assist you during the transition from the design team to the production group.

Our turnkey capability brings together expertise in vehicle design, vehicle engineering, parts sourcing and manufacturing. Vehicle manufacturers can use our specific expertise in chassis development and our experienced vehicle dynamics team to develop class-leading vehicles that can enhance the image and brand. At the same time we help our clients to complete projects in shorter time frames and at reduced budgets.

Project Management

Our project management relies heavily on the use of Microsoft Project and the experience of our team. We have been involved in more than 350 individual programs including concept car builds, low volume manufacturing, R&D and motorsport programs. You can benefit from our assistance in the development of timelines, budgets, and manufacturing plans, including build sequence, bill of materials (BOM) generation, and vendor management. We also have established technical and supplier relationships in the industry that can be leveraged to benefit your programs.


Vehicle Integration Services

Complete vehicle platforms or sub-system integration is performed using the latest computerized tools. Read More Read More

Composite Structure And Tooling Design

We manufacture tooling patterns in house and work directly with your layup partner to ensure compatibility. Read More Read More


Vehicle Simulation

We can pre validate motor sizes, transmission gearing, battery pack sizing and peak charge and discharge values. Read More Read More

Vehicle Testing

We specialize in non-destructive testing and failure analysis for your racecar or experimental vehicle. Read More Read More