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Vehicle Simulation

With costs as high as they are these days, no one has the time or budget to figure things out on the fly. Using a combination of off the shelf and proprietary software we perform a wide range of analysis of complete systems to individual components including:

  • CFD
  • FEA
  • Kinematic systems
  • Vehicle dynamics
  • Powertrain simulation
  • EV/hybrid powertrain simulation
  • Drive cycle simulation

Using the latest technology, we can predict performance and optimize designs to meet your performance goals.

As a result of the large number of EVs and hybrid vehicle programs we have participated in, we have developed an extensive vehicle drive cycle simulation. The simulation uses vehicle parameters combined with the powertrain and battery pack details to run vehicles through real drive cycles that we collect. This has enabled us to achieve exceptional results with new and conversion vehicles by pre validating motor sizes, transmission gearing, battery pack sizing and peak charge and discharge values. You can benefit from the experience of well over a dozen programs.