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FMVSS Certification

FMVSS compliance is required of all vehicles sold as new cars in the United States to the general public. These rules are complex and ever changing so an experienced partner is critical to a timely and cost effective program. There are many ways we can assist your program including consulting, design review, design for compliance, sub-system integration, and testing services. Programs are typically most effective if we become involved at an early stage to assist in vehicle design ensuring compliance from the start. This eliminates redesign and failed tests later, saving both time and money.

ATG has helped companies from around the world achieve FMVSS compliance of vehicles and components. We coordinate and oversee tests on the client’s behalf and then prepare tests results for submission to the DOT. If necessary, members of our team resolve technical issues that arise during testing and act as test witnesses when required. We work with US government certified labs.

Assistance with European Union and “Rest of World” safety standards is also available.

Phase in period ending Oct 1 2012 for new vehicles.

This requires all new vehicles to comply fully with the new smart airbag requirements and requires the use stability control / Anti-lock brakes. The way the rules are written currently, very low volume manufactures and even kit car manufactures will need to comply. Call us for guidance on these new regulations.

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